About Us


About Us

My Bookly is a turnkey solution to offer accounting services for small businesses in e-commerce Solutions. What makes it a very awesome system is that you can do everything on the cheap. We provide solutions for any business out there so you can avoid the guessing game or what is considered the best bookkeeping solution and find a service that fits your needs. We use the latest software from leading Industries as well as our own bookkeeping service to go to meet your budgeting budgetary needs on a monthly basis.


Real people. No robots

Ever felt annoyed that you have to speak to a robot to get the services you done? we don't provide that. we have people (non robotic) that know how to meet your needs for any industry that you're in.


Full transparency on your financials.

Take control of your own bookkeeping needs by looking at your books. We provide a full transparency to ensure that you know where you stand within your own business while seeing our progress. We work with all levels of services and accounting software that you want to use or fits well with your business. Give us a call to know more.

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Price efficient. Pay for what you need without the excessive bloat.

Why pay more for something that you don't need ? We provide a flexible monthly rate to work with all sizes of businesses from startup, weekend warrior, e-commerce and small to medium size businesses. What's great with the whole work is that if you want to take a pause on your small business to start up or e-commerce, no problem! We can accommodate within your schedule on how you want to run your business.

  • Why mybookly?

    We want to diversify traditional bookkeeping in the sense where pricing shouldn't be related to what the practices level quality should be. Instead, bookkeeping should be related to what the level of the business is currently presented within their Market. Whether you are a start up or a small business and eCommerce or just trying to run an online shop, we want to provide a high-level service that meets your needs without the extra of brand quality or loyalty in difference. Get the quality of service that you expect from an industry Professional without the access of paying for an industry professional.

  • How does it work?

    it's easy! Simply press get started and add in all the necessary information we request. We will ask an upfront retainer only for for onboarding you're software or financials to our platform. This will be comprised. Now he's being to one of our professionals to help you with the process but as well as getting to know more about your business and how we can work with your financials so we can meet your needs. From there we assign a dedicated account manager that oversees your books and understands your line of work. If we believe that you are paying more than what you're expected we will adjust the price accordingly that will meet your needs. You'll have access to your portal to know how to control your monthly billing but as well as don't give me a receipt of all your buildings from the from ongoing. And you can cancel at anytime.


I want to know if I'm the right fit for your services?

Check out our page to see if any of the industries that we serve that your business. If you don't know which industry you're in please give us a call so it's always that we would know that which is you fit in and we can help you on meeting your needs and building a solution that fits for you!


Do you have an office space?

Of course! We are constantly expanding and are reaching into different provinces in Canada to divisors of a location. We solely focussed on Multi Sales taxes for e-commerce, startups, and small businesses that need to file different levels of sales tax as well as corporate tax filings.


What if I'm not getting the service that I have requested?

We know this too well and we understand that we work hard and diligently every day to meet your requirements. If you believe that we have not met your standards of work we on we will work in any way possible to work within your requirements.


Do you provide other services aside from bookkeeping? How much are they?

We are growing to bring in personal and corporate tax returns as well as business plans, Consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and business referrals. We succeed when our clients succeed!


What types of services do you provide?





Business plan


Mergers and acquisitions

GST/HST filing

GST/HST number registration

Do you only focus on businesses? Can we use your services for personal financing?

Absolutely! We can provide a that meets your needs personally to control your financing. Please give us a call to know more.